Koen Galle - Kong DJ

Second installment of my longing for the DJ booth mixtape series, this time designed for 5 AM dance floors. Inspired by 'Kevin Jee @ Diamonds Haaltert 1994' cassette tape (digitized by Keimi, find it on Mixcloud), this is a tribute to the after club DJs, who often stayed low profile but highly prolific in an underground circuit of after parties and early morning raves. I'm way too young to have witnessed these roaring nineties in clubs, but through their fierce vinyl record handling and often extended mixes, I think I have an idea of the energy that was going around.

At a speed of about 132 bpm and playing house, trance and tech house 12 inches from the early nineties plus a few well considered anachronisms, I enjoyed mimicking the atmosphere of these endless lasting nights. Brace yourself to lift off crescendo until halfway, after which I invite you to lean back, enjoy your high and float on.