Koen Galle - Kong DJ
My collaboration with P.A.R.T.S. (Rosas) graduate Cassiel Gaube and his performance 'Farmer Train Swirl / Étude': December 07 2019 at C12 Brussels.

Not long after seeing the beautiful contemporary dance performance ‘Farmer Train Swirl / Étude’ - a kinesthetic and subjective investigation of the field of House dance - in Antwerp last March, I asked its creator and dancer Cassiel Gaube to take the piece out of a theater setting and onto the dance floor of a club. Cassiel jumped into the project and after many inspiring hours of work, the sold-out main room of C12 saw his beautiful performance and rewarded Cassiel with several rounds of applause. I took the role of the DJ in the performance: the music previously played by an invisible technician from a digital pre-edited file, was now coming from my vinyl record for which we had meticulously created a script on how to introduce it into the performance by manipulating the fader and equalization control knobs.

And here is a fun detail to mention: when I first saw Cassiel perform his dance, I wasn't only touched by his movement, but also by the track he chose to dance on: That Shit Baby by Omar S. As a long-time admirer of the music of the illustrious Detroit producer, I was perplexed to hear it as part of a contemporary dance performance.

When we finally agreed on a date to present Cassiel's piece in C12, the club's booker Tom told us he was able to book Omar S for a DJset the same night. And last Saturday artist handler Alyssa had told Omar what was going on, so all of a sudden he was watching the full performance next to me and he was truly enjoying it, so he commented just after.

So a big big thank you goes to team C12 (Tom, Mathieu, Kevin, Kevin, Aly, Jeremy, Pierre, Thomas, Aïssa, Max, ...), Nina from HIROS, Nina & Barbara at the entrance, Antoine & Zéphir for filming, and everyone else involved and present last Saturday for making this possible. And of course Cassiel for being such an inspiring creator and Clément for setting up the lighting. You all rock.