Koen Galle - Kong DJ

Brusseleir Digger
Brusseleir Digger is an exhibition I have put together during Listen! Festival in 2018 in the ING Art Center. In 2021 the exhibition is revived, adding four new diggers to the original ten portraits. These stories and playlists portray my beloved Brussels, where I was born and live, in a unique musical way. 

“Something truly delightful happened during the preparation of this exhibition. I met 10 strangers and invited myself in their houses and intimate spaces. Each one of them welcomed me like a good friend, offered me coffee or tea and lent me 10 of their favorite records, explaining that it was the first time they let records leave their collection. I was astonished, realizing that I had never thought of this when setting up this project. Would I myself lend 10 records to a stranger? My point being: these 10 people are part of this exhibition because of who they are: open minded and beautiful people willing to share the richness of their lifelong passion. These 10 stories and 100 records are meant to show my beloved Brussels, where I was born and live. I truly hope you are as excited as myself to immerse yourself into their musical worlds”.

Photographs are by the hand of Thomas Sweertvaegher. He studied the Master program at the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts in Ghent and has been part of exhibitions in Ghent, Liège, Rotterdam, Osaka, London and Antwerp. He works for several Belgian media outlets and recently published the book ‘Hallertau: A Skateboarder’s Journal’ (Hannibal). I met Thomas in 2013, we have been interviewing and photographing Belgian vinyl collectors ever since.