Koen Galle - Kong DJ

Design by: Jan Sidgwick

I’m sharing 9 of my Spotify playlists to beat the confinement, every song handpicked over the past years and constantly updated, use as you please.

1. Running High: my long run accompaniment, uptempo but utterly deep house and techno music to submerge yourself in

2. House & techno & electro: many favorites for the dancefloor, resembles most my record collection.

3. Experimental & ambient: often playing in the morning or during the evening time, when my mood is soft and calm.

4. Disconotdisco: focusing on the fascinating eighties, from italo to new wave, electro boogie and EBM. Love this one for sing along car driving in the sun.

5. Disco & funk & dub: mostly seventies and the warmer side of the eighties here, works really well for home parties or dinners, or while cleaning.

6. Classical & jazz: heroes & legends, discoveries from films or while listening Klara.

7. BIG SHUFFLE: everything and much more, to discover or have fun with no matter what genre might pop up. 1500 tracks and counting.

8. Arthur Brussel: an alter ego of mine and my weirdest playlist, for strange days, when the world doesn’t make sense. Or full moon nights, when ebb and flow play a game with your 60%  body water. Think of Barok, the cello, lovesickness or wild combinations.

9. Feel My Kriket - Support Your Local Food: a selection I made for tasty food system challenger Kriket - order with the code 'Kongkriket' and get 25% on Kriket.be.