Passionately spreading the real house sound for longer than anyone can remember, Kong is one of the most industrious tastemakers of Belgium’s scene. Together with Gratts he runs the ensemble club nights, blog and label, which so far has showcased a broad range of releases from allies such as Xosar, San Soda, Juliano or Belgian cult jazz band Aksak Maboul, with more exciting music forthcoming. In 2016 ensemble’s underground contributions over the past few years resulted in the brand’s very first Boiler Room takeover in Antwerp. Furthermore he takes his records all around the country, resulting in an intimate relationship with clubs and events such as Fuse, Deep In House / C12, Horst, Listen, Pukkelpop, Vooruit, Beursschouwburg, Klub Goud, Kerk, Tomorrowland, Dour, … and past the border with the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Woodstock Bloemendaal, PIP Den Haag, Kitsch Club Eindhoven, …) and Berlin (Golden Gate, Chalet, Sameheads, …) and a tour in South Korea/China/Singapore/Thailand in January 2018.